Indigo Education Foundation operates a work-study program for Pleiadian Institute students who need a solution to pay tuition.
The Indigo Education Foundation work-study program is designed to provide flexible options for students to work and earn their tuition payments. Even if you do not need help with your tuition payments, our workstudy program has opportunities for you to earn money monthly working, as a means of helping to support you as you transition in your professional life.

– We have openings in our 2021 workstudy program.
– The Work-Study Program is open to international applicants.
– The entire program is virtual and operated through Indigo International. If you want to get an idea of the types of ‘work’ we do, visit the Indigo Family Operation Center, this is where all of your work will take place.


*This entire process happens virtually. All ‘meetings’ happen in video calls. You need internet access and a webcam.

1. Apply for the work-study program & schedule your workstudy interview using the link below.
2. Schedule the time with us for your interview. We will discuss your vision for the future and the work you are doing today.
3. Wait 4-6 weeks to receive a response.
4. Enter our virtual Workstudy Portal to complete orientation and select jobs and tasks.
5. Meet with your Workstudy Mentor. Select a schedule to work. You set your own schedule and meet every four weeks with your mentor.
6. The final step is to register for your certification program or courses. Tuition credit is applied to your account as you work. Indigo Education Foundation will make monthly tuition payments on your behalf to Pleiadian Institute and they will appear as credits in your student account. Once your tuition balance is paid, you can register and enroll.
7. Current students can also choose to be paid as part of this program. In this case, Indigo International will make monthly payments to an account that you have on file. Our workstudy positions are varied in the way that you are paid; currently, we have a mix of positions that include paid stipends and commissions.