Pleiadian Institute Scholarships & Grants are funded by Indigo Education Foundation. A major initiative of the Indigo Education Foundation is to support holistic health professionals and to improve distance learning opportunities through merit based and need based awards.

You can apply for a scholarship or a grant at any time. Here is the process:


To be eligible for a scholarship, applicants must be committed to beginning a career and/or professional development in energy healing.
1. Decide on the scholarship or grant that best suits your program of interest and financial needs.
2. Complete the application. The online application process will involve answering a number of essay questions. The application will cover topics such as: academic history, career objectives, professional and volunteer experience, educational and professional goals.
3. Award notifications are sent out on a rolling basis during our academic calendar year. It can take between 24 hours to 14 days to receive a response if you are awarded.
4. We review scholarship and grant applications weekly during our academic year. If you apply for a scholarship or grant but do not receive an award, you will receive notification via email within 90 days.


Review Criteria
Each eligible application will be reviewed by the Indigo Education Foundation Scholarship Committee. Applications will be evaluated based on the following:
1. Commitment to holistic healing as a profession.
2. Clarity and completeness of thought, clear and concise written communication.
3. Completeness of application.
4. Volunteer, work and/or leadership experience.
5. Vision for the future.

Indigo Scholars Program

$8,200 award
For students pursuing dual certification in Master Energy Healer Certification and Holistic Hypnotherapy Certification.
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Rachel K. Cardoza Holistic Healthcare Visionary Scholarship

$4,800 award
For students pursuing Master Energy Healer Certification
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Beta Research Grant

$2,222 award
For students enrolled in Holistic Hypnotherapy Certification program.
Application Coming 2/2020

Michael Cardoza Holistic Health Professional Scholarship

$3,100 award
For students pursuing dual certification in Crystal Healing Therapist Certification and Spiritual Intuitive Healer Certification
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Genevieve Vieira Lightworker Scholarship

$2,222 award
For students pursuing dual enrollment in DNA Activation & Attunement Certification & USUI Reiki Master.
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Take your time to put your best foot forward
and you will have an excellent chance of being awarded a scholarship!
In 2019, 34 students submitted scholarship applications. An amazing 91% of those that completed an application were awarded! Only 70% of the total applicants or 24 qualified students completed the process and registered or applied for workstudy and accepted scholarships from the Indigo Education Foundation for a total of $115,200 in awards.