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Before You Start…

Take a deep breath and imagine your highest self. You are healthy, strong, happy, flexible, confident and radiating your light out into the world. That’s where we are headed together!

Each of our certification & training programs are designed to help you to reach and maintain a peak state of energetic health. From that place, all else is possible.

If you need help imagining, read through the words of our students

  • There is no application or registration fee.
  • Our heart-centered advisors are available to answer your questions throughout registration.
  • We developed a simple process that allows you to register at any time of day, from the comfort of home.
  • This registration process is for new students and current students who are enrolling in a new program.
  • If you are seeking financial aid, apply first here before you register.
  • We are a magical and unique community of humans. We are building an academic community for the future.
  • We are committed to your success during and AFTER training is complete. Our practice together is our strength. Your access to program portals is eternal. Our purpose is to provide ongoing resources to support you in your healing work for the rest of your life!

“To prepare with depth and diligence gives us an unshakeable foundation for our healing work. The higher we go up to reach for healing, the more deeply we must attend to our earthly bodies, minds and homes to support our Ascension.” 

Aimee Rebekah Shea

Enroll today for our summer semester through, 5.21.21. Register & you will be led through our two-part process:

PART I: As soon as you register, you are led to schedule an in-person orientation where you will meet your coach. 

PART II: The second part of our process experience a video orientation series that introduces you to Pleiadian Institute, the healing process you are about to begin and the journey through your program for the next 17 – 58 months.