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Take a deep breath…

Next, close your eyes… and imagine your highest self.

Each of our programs is designed to help you to step into your highest self through creating and maintaining a peak state of energetic health.
From that place, all else is possible.

If you need help imagining, read through the words of our students

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In creating,

We are created.

Marion Woodman

Before You Start…

  • There is no application or registration fee.
  • Our heart-centered advisors are available to answer your questions throughout registration.
  • If you are seeking financial aid, apply first before you register.
  • We are a magical and unique community of humans. We are building an academic community for the future.
  • We are committed to your success during and after training is complete. We operate within Indigo International multiple social enterprises where we are earnest practitioners. Our co-op structure supports you in learning and training in your professional career.
  • Access to program portals is eternal. Our purpose is to provide ongoing resources to support you in your healing career!